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Non-Binary South West is a support group
for people based in the South West of England
who identify beyond binary gender.

As non-binary people, we can find that although we do have a lot in common with other trans (and cis) people, we also have issues that are unique to us, whether we're transitioning or not.

And it can be difficult to open up about these issues in situations where most people don't "get it", whether in support groups, with friends or family, at work, or in the healthcare system (whether or not we're transitioning)..

We've created Non-Binary South West to help meet this need, for non-binary people in the South West - and, increasingly, for people beyond the South West who want to join our community too (and are very welcome here).

As well as hosting our "private" facebook group, we have regular meetings in Exeter, from 2-4 on the first Saturday of every month, in an accessible space (see the Home page for the next meeting date). Please email us to join our facebook group, or for more details.

The facebook group and the meetings are both safe environments where we can exchange experiences, share resources, advice and information, and simply meet other people who know what it's like having a non-binary identity. Anything discussed at the meetings or group is private and confidential.

Please note: in order to keep this a safe space, only people who identify as non-binary (with their carers if needed, by arrangement) are welcome.

We have a pretty broad spread of ages, genders, and sexualities in our growing group, and find we have a lot in common. We make no assumptions about how anyone identifies, we always respect people's [a]gender identity, their chosen labels, pronouns, and names.

We also do not assume that you plan to transition, are transitioning, or have transitioned - this is an inclusive and non-hierarchical space.

Come and join us - in person or online!