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Useful links to internet resources, global and
national/regional, that are non-binary savvy.

A growing list - please tell us about any we've missed!

General Sites - Nonbinary gender visibility, education and advocacy network

Think Outside The Box - a national campaign for and by non-binary gendered people - information (and forum) for neutrois-identifying people - for those who straddle the gender binary

Androgyne Online - all things androgyne - links and info

Androgyny RAQ - Rarely Asked Questions - a collection of articles

What Is Gender? - support forum for trans, non-binary, and significant others

National/Regional Sites

GIRES - Gender Identity Research and Education Society

The Gender Trust - UK charity for trans and genderqueer/questioning people

Gendered Intelligence - supporting younger trans people and gender awareness

The Intercom Trust - LGB&T people and communities in the South West peninsula

LGBT Collective - The Intercom Trust's Groups & Communities hub

QwesT FTM - a national support group for FTM folk, based in Somerset

Proud2Be - a national LGBT support group holding monthly social evenings in Totnes

Misc. Related Sites

Reddit Genderqueer - collection of discussions on genderqueer issues

Christie Elan-Cane Livejournal - non-gendered blog

Autostraddle - lesbian news and articles site, often has good trans-related stuff - a resource for finding safe alternatives to traditional public bathrooms